Cable Ties 3 Star International IWWF Competition


This weekend saw riders come together to compete for a £3500 purse at Tattershall Lakes Water Park.

Liam Peacock took home a whopping £1454 as the Winner of Pro Men, Joey Battleday £727 and James Masterson £242.

Izzy Goode took home £646, Eve Smith Lang £323 and Victoria Goode £108.

If you are wondering why the strange amounts, this is because the prize fund was split pro rata to the number of riders competing in the whole category (Male and female) then apportioned up on how many starts, so as to make the overall amount fair to the level of competition held.

The weekend started off with a National Judging Seminar for UK Judges, this was really well attended, and we now have 8 newly qualified Judges in the UK, ready to help with the UK Competition circuit of 2019, with the new National Wake Tour that is to be piloted in North Devon on the 7th October.

The competition was well supported by local riders as well as seeing riders travelling from all over the UK along with some international riders from Belgium and Australia.

The Open Men category saw plenty of drama with riders competing for the large purse, the top three went right down to the final moments, with Liam Peacock, Joey Battleday, James Masterson and Kieron Owens really making the Judges work. Shout out to Kallum Anderson Wilson who held his own against some of the best riders in the world, riding in his first Open Men Competition, this is definitely a rider to watch.

To top it off, Just Wake, also donated a huge £1000 to the GB Cable Wakeboard Development Fund, this money was donated to try to encourage and develop the young wakeboarder of the future – WOW!

Huge shout out to everyone that made the event happen this weekend, Our Commentator Matt Crowhurst, Media Team Mantis Pro Media, BWSW, Our Judges (Simone Sivieri, Sebastiaan Huizinga, Izzy Goode, Ryan Peacock, Liam Peacock), Our Cable Operators : Graham & Michelle. Then not to forget the JW Team, Alice, Emma, Dan & Charlie & Zoe

Take a look at the following video to see some of the action captured on the day:

Steph Caller