Cable Lake

At Tattershall Lakes we have 2 Straight Line Cable systems, which are perfect for beginners and experienced wakeboarders alike.

Our cables are operated by qualified coaches who will help you get the best out of your experience. The cables are also perfect for learning to Waterski all of our Coaches are trained to teach both Waterski and Wakeboard.

+ What is Cable Wakeboarding?

Cable Wakeboarding is a towed surface water sport where the rider has a board on their feet and holds onto a handle attached to a rope which is pulled by an electrically driven cable.

For those of you wanting to get more into Wakeboarding and ride regularly, we have a progression pathway for you to follow and also offer memberships. Please ask in reception for details of Wakeboard Memberships.

Beginner Wake Park

Our beginner park (Cable B) is ideal for the beginner and intermediate wakeboarders, a great layout for getting to grips with riding over obstacles. 190 metres, and includes the following Industry wake park obstacles:


2 Small Kickers

Small transition, ideal for learning basic tricks before progressing to the larger kicker. Great for kicker 360s and tantrums! These kickers are great for learning straight airs, then progressive pop, before moving on to the bigger tricks.


Box Rail

Great for putting the ramp and rails together for the first time, plenty of room to spin, whether its a 180, 360 or 720.

How about learning to boardslide frontside or backside? Or even learning to land blind?!


Manual Pad

A fantastic beginner obstacle, ideal to start your obstacle progression from 180, 360s and 720′s. A great platform to learn all the basic obstacle tricks to take up to the next level.


Are you keen to

Give it a try?


Advanced Wake Park

The advanced cable park is for the more experienced obstacle rider, you must have learnt to ride all of the obstacles on Cable B before you can ride Cable A. The cable is 200m long and runs from 10m high towers – so great for throwing air tricks. Contains a mixture of Unit Parktech & Industry Wake Park Obstacles:


2 Large Kickers

Amazing for sending you vertical, Big Air is a must here. Ideal for grabs, spins and inverts. Set up for Right foot forward or Left Foot Forward, switch and toeside approaches encouraged.


Incline Rail (Wedge)

Slightly more technical, great for riding 50/50, learning back lips, rail 360’s and presses.


Fun Box (Transfer Box)

Want to learn to transfer? This is ideal for you. Start by jumping the gap,  move onto completing the transfer. The fun box has a 96ft Long Roof top rail, with a smaller Box.


Pipe Rail

Great fun, you have to get your balance or you will be off. Great cylinder rail, really good fun, ride 50/50, spin, Boardslide front or backside - you name it, you can do it on this fun rail.


Quarter Pipe

This is so much fun, you may have seen these on the ski slopes or at your local skate park, Just Wake was the first park in the UK to buy a Unit Quarter Pipe, ride onto the nose, or go for some big air and a hand plant on the top, pop in a 180 or 360, We want to see style here!


We offer something

For everyone


Choose the right session for you

Learn to Wakeboard Intensive 45 minute session (includes equipment) £50pp
Beginner progression session 20 minute session £20pp
Advanced progression session 20 minute session £20pp
Jam sessions Wed & Fri, 5-8pm (experienced riders only) £30pp