+ Do I have to be able to swim?

Yes, you must be able to swim 25m Unaided. Although you are entering Open Water wearing a buoyancy aid, you will still need to be able to move through the water, and need to be confident in water. There is also a chance that you may go under water at times.

+ Can I wear shoes?

Aqua Park: We allow neoprene socks or soft soled water shoes. We do not allow any hard-soled shoe/trainers / Jet Ski boots. Barefoot is also OK for the Aqua Park.

Paddle Sports: Water shoes, Trainers, Jet Ski Boots are all acceptable types of footwear.

Wakeboarding: Barefoot please, you will be using our bindings on the Wakeboard/Skis.

If barefoot, please bring flipflops or shoes for walking along the bank, the lakes were made from gravel pits, and so the paths towards to entrances are stoney.

+ Do I have to wear a wetsuit? What can I wear?

No, Wetsuits are not mandatory, although we do advise wearing early and late season. You can wear your own wetsuit or hire from us. If you are not wearing a wetsuit, please wear appropriate swimwear or sportswear. We do not allow denim or jumpers or loose fitting clothing. We also operate on a family park, so do not allow thongs, mankinis or other revealing swimwear.

+ Do I have to accompany my children?

Aqua Park: Children aged 5-8 must be accompanied by an appropriate known adult (over 18)

Paddle Sports: Children aged 5-8 must be accompanied by an appropriate known adult on the water (over 18)

Our adult to accompanied child ratio is 1:2

Children aged 9 and over can participate without an adult accompanying them, as long as they are confident in water and in large groups.

All children must have a parent/guardian on site whilst they are on the water.

+ Why is the water blue?

We manage the water by adding DYOFIX to the water, this dye is designed to slow down weed and algae growth, it is harmless to fish and humans, and helps us to maintain our “Excellent” status within the quality guidelines set out in the Bathing Water Quality Directive 2006-7-EC.

+ Can I cancel on the day if it’s raining?

Unfortunately not, we will still run the sessions if it is raining. Water sports are actually more fun when it’s raining

+ What if I need to cancel?

We understand that sometimes things happen to stop you attending your sessions, the more notice you give us, the more likely we are to be able to help you.

Our cancelation policy is as follows:

  • 3 Days Prior to the session – Full Refund
  • 1-2 Days Prior to the session – 50% Refund
  • On the day – NO Refunds.

If you find you have to cancel on the day due to sickness, we will offer you a gift voucher to use another time as long as you let us know before 9:30am, please do not turn up and ask for a refund just before your activity is due to start.

+ Is there car parking?

Yes there is car parking on site, but it is limited, and you may need to walk some distance if all the spaces around the Water park are taken.

We advise anyone staying on the Park to walk to us, if you are travelling from off park, please car share where possible. Parking is along the side of the lake, please park with the bonnet facing the lake, and be considerate to other users and holiday home owners. Please DO NOT park in peoples drive ways or blocking any road junctions. If the bank side of the lake is full, you will need to park further away from us, and walk, additional parking can be found near the entrance to the park, or close to the Club House.

+ Is there anywhere to get food and drink afterwards?

We have basic hot and cold drinks and snacks in reception, we are also happy for you to bring picnics with you as long as you take away your rubbish.

For those of you wanting hot food, we can supply you with a pass to order food and drink at the clubhouse before 6pm. We allocate one pass per group, this pass does not give you access to the pool or other activity areas of the park, as these are reserved for the Parks holiday makers.

The Park also has a small supermarket on site, where you can purchase freshly baked pastries.

+ Do you have changing facilities?

We try to keep the costs of our activities to a minimum, this however means that our changing facilities are very basic.

We suggest you treat your Aqua Park visit in the same way you would a trip to the beach, please be prepared to change outside using towels, especially during peak times.

+ Is it just us on the Aqua Park?

We can have up to 100 people on the Aqua Park in a session and our sessions are all mixed age groups. Please be aware that sometimes the sessions will be filled with large groups and parties, which could be boisterous. We would advise that all children are accompanied especially if they are nervous in large groups.

We ask all customers to complete a consent form to acknowledge that they are taking part in a dangerous activity, and acknowledge that they realise there is a chance they could get injured and understand the risks involved.

Whilst we take every care to ensure the activities are as safe as they can be, sometimes people will get hurt. The main injuries we have experienced on our park are dislocations, cuts, fractures, bruises. However there are other risks involved as per the waiver form.

All users of our facilities must acknowledge the risks and complete a waiver before using the facilities. Parents must sign for children aged 5-17. Anyone without a valid waiver will not be allowed on.

+ Do I really have to arrive an hour before my session starts?

Yes, in peak season we would always advise arriving 1hr before your session to allow you enough time to check in, complete waivers if you haven’t already and get changed for the session. The only exception would be for a 10am session, where we suggest you arrive by 9:30am. We want you to arrive with plenty of time for your session, and not be stressed waiting in a queue thinking you are going to miss your session.

+ What is Cable Wakeboarding?

Cable Wakeboarding is a towed surface water sport where the rider has a board on their feet and holds onto a handle attached to a rope which is pulled by an electrically driven cable.


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