Park safety

Safety is our No1 Priority and we take your care very seriously.

We have an exemplary safety record which we strive to maintain. Please familiarise yourself with our Park Safety advice.

All of our Aqua Park products are EN Certified (EN 15649 and EN 25649), which means it is tested for safe use in the UK and meets all the UK Safety Standards.

+ Safety equipment

All safety equipment is provided in the cost of your session. It is mandatory that safety equipment is worn at all times during your session. The activity supervisors will assist you with fitting your safety equipment if needed.

Safety equipment required:

  • Aqua Park – Helmet & Buoyancy Aid
  • Wake Park – Helmet & Buoyancy Aid
  • Kids Club – Helmet & Buoyancy Aid
  • Paddle Sports – Buoyancy Aid
  • Pirate Adventure – Buoyancy Aid
  • Boat Ski School – Buoyancy Aid

Any user found to have removed their safety equipment will be asked to leave the park. Unfortunately, if we do not have safety equipment in your size, you will not be able to participate. Our sizes go from Junior to 3XL (Adults).

+ Safety directions from staff

All of our team have qualifications appropriate to the activity they are supervising. If you are given any instructions from members of our team, please ensure that you abide by them, these instructions will be for your safety and to ensure your maximum enjoyment of the session. Anyone found to be deliberately ignoring our team members instructions will be asked to leave the park.

Our team members qualifications include: NPLQ Lifeguard, UKCC Level 2 or 3 Waterski and Wakeboard Coach, WSA Paddleboard Instructor, British Canoeing 3 Star Kayak Award, Rescue 3 Water Rescue Training, British Canoeing FSRT, WSA Paddleboard Safety & Rescue, First Aid at Work.

+ Water quality

It is important to us to provide a safe location, and part of this is ensuring the water we are using meets the quality guidelines set out in the Bathing Water Quality Directive 2006-7-EC, we are pleased to say that our lake has been classified as ‘EXCELLENT’

The water is tested monthly throughout the season.

+ Blue dye

You may wonder why the lake water is blue, this isn’t just so that your photos look fantastic, but it is also part of our water management process. The blue dye (DYOFIX) is put into the lake early in the season to help to control weed and algae growth.

+ Lightning

It is not safe to be in water whilst lightning is around, if you see any lightning whilst at the lake, please notify a member of the team, and they will put the right procedures in place. If we need to evacuate any sessions because of Lightning and you miss more than 10mins of your session because of this, our reception team will rebook you onto another session at your convenience.

+ Height & age restrictions

Please be aware, some of our activities have age and height restrictions, these have been put on for your safety. Please do not ask us to waive these restrictions. It is also not possible for you to sign a form asking us to ignore this advice.

Aqua Park

  • Minimum height of 1.10m
  • Minimum age 5
  • Children aged 5-8 must be accompanied on the Aquapark by a familiar adult over the age of 18 years


  • Minimum age 6

Paddle Sports

  • Minimum age 5
  • Children aged 5-8 must be accompanied on the Aquapark by a familiar adult over the age of 18 years

Kids Club

  • Minimum age 6

Our adult to accompanied child ratio is 1:2

+ Car parking

Parking is limited, we advise that if you are staying on the Park, then please walk to us, if you are travelling, please car share where possible.

Parking is along the side of the lake, please park with the bonnet facing the lake, and be considerate to other users and holiday home owners. Please DO NOT park in peoples drive ways or blocking any road junctions. If the bank side of the lake is full, you will need to park further away from us, and walk, additional parking can be found near the entrance to the park, or close to the Club House.

+ Safety briefings

All participants will have a safety briefing before their session. This could involve either watching a video, or a verbal briefing from the Activity Coach.

These briefings deal with the activity specific issues, and are designed to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your session. Please ensure you listen carefully and ask your supervisors if you do not understand anything.

+ BBQs

If you would like to BBQ then you must get prior approval as space is limited, and we need to ensure that they are only set up in safe places. We also ask that all rubbish is taken home, and no hot BBQs are to be placed in the onsite plastic bins.

Any BBQ’s set up will be the sole responsibility of the user.